Transport is Mother of all Businesses. Transportation is our business.

The difference between us and other shipping lines, in terms of carrying goods from places to places, is nothing whatsoever. Our business is absolutely the same as any other shipping line.

Be it ocean carriage, short sea, coastal and combined transport, we provide transport services. We carry goods from places to places like any other shipping line. We do not load mud to deliver gold or other way around. We do exactly the same as any other shipping company does. 

There is no difference in terms of Source of all the Resources of the world. The Resources of the world are two:

  1. On The Ground and
  2. Under The Ground.

Similarly, there is no difference in terms of what people sell and purchase. No difference between what sellers sells and what buyer buys. It is exactly the same, no difference. There is nothing but only four (4) things to deal with and those are: Goods, Services, Intellectual Property and Labour -Manpower. Our customer deals in Goods and the rest we make available as our resources to facilitate business of our customers. In doing that we are different than many.

  1. Our approach is different.
  2. Our method is different.
  3. Our priorities are different.
  4. Committed to contribute in economic development of SAARC countries.

our services

Container Liner Services

  • Services in international routes
  • Services in coastal routes
  • Services in inland-river routes

Multimodal Transport Services

  • Service in Sea-River Routes
  • Service in Rail-Road Routes
  • Service in Sea-Air/Air-Sea Routes

Conventional Services

  • Services for Bulk Cargo
  • Services for Breakbulk cargo
  • Services for Petroleum, Liquid and Edible Oils

our expertise

faster transit time

We are carrying goods from one niche market to another niche market as well as from niche markets to broad markets with faster transit time. Our expertise as niche carrier is not limited to Asia continent. To facilitate foreign trade of both the continents we are providing global transportation services, across the world without any boundary.

quality Service

Our quality is different. Most of our customers happily accepting our services in preference to many other services available in the market. Our quality may not be preferred by some in every route as many choices available and varies between the trade lane and sector.

handling odd Jobs

We handle odd and difficult jobs that many may not find interesting and mostly not capable to handle. We design services as required by customers as if it is tailor made to meet expectation of trade.