Home Based

NEPAL LINES is incorporated as Limited Liability Company in Nepal. The Company is promoted by local as well as foreign entrepreneurs supported by investors of various nationalities and backgrounds and its businesses operated and managed by internationally recognized shipping experts with Operating Centres in Kathmandu, Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Dhaka, Kolkata and regional headquarters located in all main hubs and strategically important locations.

Core Business

Nepal Shipping Lines provides customers with fully-integrated international transportation and logistic services (including, containerized, bulk, edible oils, breakbulk and all other mode).

Core Strength

Lines’ strength is its strategic position, in the newly emerged market of SAARC countries. The company is supported by trade and commerce of the entire region as the only ocean going shipping line operation.

Team’s Commitment

Experienced home grown shipping professionals with technical and commercial support of world class maritime experts, transport economists and eminent strategists who are committed to individual customer solution and ensuring quality with personalized care.

Network Based Services

Line’s network of offices and agents are dedicated and focused to meet international trading and commercial requirement of its customers.

Nepal Shipping Lines … Delivers


​In a growing world of standardization, Nepal Shipping Lines prides itself as a responsive organization with individually adapted solutions.

Lines’ strategy takes a long-term view by making a clear and powerful commitment to the growth of transportation business into and out of South East Asia, Indian Sub-continent and Middle East.

Nepal Shipping Lines is building commitment to outstanding customer service quality and the ambition to maintain a comprehensive, fast, and reliable shipping service. Nepal Shipping Line strives to achieve its vision of “Linking the Bay of Bengal – South Asia to the World” as a cost effective and efficient shipping service provider.

Pride of Nepal

The Difference In Transit Time - An Achievement

In recent months our ships delivered goods from Far East to ports of Bay of Bengal in 10-15 days transit time whereas cargo from same origin, same commodity other carrier delivered in 20 to 30 days transit time. This is the fact on the ground. This is the difference.

We have demonstrated our ability consecutively in providing quality services from niche market to broad – global market.

Our services saving customers time and money. Not in a small way but significant big way.

We are carrying goods from one niche market to another niche market as well as from niche markets to broad markets with faster transit time. Our expertise as niche carrier is not limited to Asia continent. To facilitate foreign trade of both the continents we are providing global transportation services, across the world without any boundary.

With the network of offices and agents throughout the world as niche carrier. We are capable. We are different. We are small, much smaller than many yet faster than many…

We are sharp, in terms of carrying goods, compare to any in the niche market. This is our quality and this is how we are meeting requirement of customers’ business requirement in niche market is business.

Our job is to carry cargo for customers with faster transit time with quality service.

We save time for our customers and our customers save money by using our services. If this is not good, if this is not good enough to be known as good carrier we are at customer’s disposal, obliged and committed to win customers’ certificate as a good carrier to carry goods from places to places for our valued customers.

We are available in niche market to demonstrate – perform as good carrier to carry your goods from one niche market to another niche marker and to most of the broad market with direct service and faster transit time.